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Internet Freedom Is Still On A Worldwide Decline

By Josh Wolford

November 3, 2015

The world's internet is not as free as it was last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, according to independent watchdog organization Freedom House.

In its just-published Freedom on the Net 2015 report, which looked at internet freedom in 65 countries, global freedom is on the decline for the fifth year in a row.

Freedom House identified three countries where internet freedom suffered the most over the past year - Libya, Ukraine, and France.

"Of the 65 countries assessed, 32 have been on a negative trajectory since June 2014. The most significant declines occurred in Libya, Ukraine, and France. Libya, torn by internal conflict, experienced a troubling increase in violence against bloggers, new cases of political censorship, and rising prices for internet and mobile phone services. Ukraine, amid its own territorial conflict and propaganda war with Russia, featured more prosecutions for content that was critical of the government's policies, as well as increased violence from pro-Russian paramilitary [...]

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