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Australia Commits To Significant IT Spending
[2010-05-18] Government IT professionals all over the world may want to keep a close eye on Australia in the weeks and months ahead. Australia's federal budget has allocated over $1 billion to public-sector technology projects, meaning it may be able to pioneer some advances, or at least set an example through trial and error.

FTC Warns Further Action Against Behavioral Tracking Without Consent
[2009-04-28] We looked at the SEC and its involvement in the world of social media. The impact of even the thought of raising a big government agency's eyebrow in this environment is enough to send the most daring social media companies to the corner for a time out to think about what they are doing.

FTC Sets It's Sights On Social Marketing
[2009-04-14] The main reason that they killed the dating ads was that people were using copyright images as well as girls under 18 to advertise for CPA sites. It got to a point where the ad approval team couldn't police them anymore. The dieting ads were killed cause the FTC is just starting to crack down on the fake blogs that promote the diet offers.

Government Sites Have Some Unique SEO Challenges
[2009-03-31] In times like these, when companies are cutting costs, not many are hiring SEO services. But governments aren't cutting back (quite the contrary, but that's a rant for another time). I am just putting to bed a major SEO audit of a government website, so I thought I would share with you some of my observations.

The UK Still Searches For A Director Of Digital Engagement
[2009-03-17] The closing date for applications for what I called one of the most interesting communication jobs anywhere in the world, passed a few days ago. This is the search for a Director of Digital Engagement, a senior UK  Civil Service position in the Cabinet Office, at the very heart of government.

Making Government More Secure With Open Source
[2009-03-02] If you are the British government, you are seriously thinking about it, and Scott McNeely is looking at the same thing for the Obama administration. This could get interesting.

Connecting Government Officials With The Public
[2009-02-24] A tweet from @downingstreet, the Twitter handle of the communications team in the Prime Minister's office at 10 Downing Street, prompted me to check in at at 11am this morning to witness a question-and-answer session with members of the  Cabinet being streamed live over the web from the venue of the regional Cabinet meeting in Southampton.

Government Needs To Fully Embrace Social Media
[2009-02-09] Recently there has been some talk on a few other DC-based social media consultant blogs about the rise of "Government 2.0" and whether the so-called experts in the space really deserve that title. Yet for all this attention on expertise in social media (justified or not), those of us who at least work and provide advice in the space have not done as much as we need to offer the ammunition to the people who are really in a position to move government forward into using these tools. These are the web masters, communications managers, PR directors and other such people who are the voices waiting to be unleashed within government offices everywhere.

Keeping Up With The Inauguration Ceremony
[2009-01-20] Unless you disconnect yourself today entirely from anything audio-visual, you won't be able to miss the inauguration ceremony of incoming US President Barack Obama. Gives Government Access Almost Anywhere
[2008-12-09] You can take it with is now iPhone, mobile and widget-enabled.  (You can even put it on your iGoogle start page.)

Net Neutrality Is Back In The Congressional Spotlight
[2008-11-19] Senator Byron Dorgan, D-ND, tells Reuters that he plans to introduce a bill in January to enshrine Net Neutrality into law. This will come two years after a previously attempted Net Neutrality bill, introduced by . . . huh, Sen. Byron Dorgan. What a coincidence.

What's Being Searched For On Election Day?
[2008-11-04] Today is full of buzz about the election. I tried to vote early - too crowded. So my strategy is to wait until 9am to vote by my house. It worked perfectly. There were probably lines earlier, but when I got there, no lines. I walked right up, got my card, and voted.

It's Election Day! Video Your Vote!
[2008-11-04] So today is the day many have been waiting for for months- Election Day. One of the few days the individual citizen feels empowered by casting votes for the candidates they feel will best represent their ideals in office.

Freedom of Information Act Requests Google's Help
[2008-10-07] A PDF file published at contains, according to its description, the "NSA [US National Security Agency] administrative processing file for FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request for records on Google and contracts With Google".

Intelligence's Special Place
[2008-09-09] I love that on the same page as CNN's announcement of this new "Facebook for spies" is a "Don't Miss" article titled "U.S. at risk of cyberattacks, experts say" and an ad for La Cense Beef with a tantalizingly juicy steak…

The Government is Now Using Social Media
[2008-08-25] The government can't be all that bad. They Twitter. They don't make us practice until we're almost dead for the Olympics. Plus they use other social media sites to communicate and encourage freedom of press.

The U.S. State Department's Diplopedia
[2008-08-12] The New York Times has an article about the U.S. State Department's Diplopedia. Eric M. Johnson of the State Department's Office of eDiplomacy shared his learnings during the Wikimania conference in Egypt (video accessible if you use Internet Explorer, sigh).

All Forms of Foreign Contact are Officially Tapped
[2008-07-29] In a move that chills my bones, a couple weeks ago George Bush attained congressional approval to make "a massive expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" (FISA).

Government Security Certification Guidelines
[2008-07-01] Government Computer News pushed out an article on the 25th that you will end up reading four or five times until the entire story hits you.

Social Media Relations and Politics
[2008-06-10] Why is a Portuguese South African writing about American politics, you may wonder. Truth is, when the whole Clinton versus Obama race got started, I had very little interest in either.

A Proposal for a Military Botnet
[2008-05-13] This interesting story comes from COL. CHARLES W. WILLIAMSON III, in the Armed Forces Journal, the only real question is when will this go live, and if they use other than military computers, how would you feel about hosting a military botnet on your links.

Privacy Protection from Google
[2008-04-22] I know that every reader of Marketing Pilgrim will agree with the ethics of Google's decision to share account information of 3,261 suspected pedophiles, with Brazilian authorities.

US Government Turning To Google
[2008-04-01] This will give the conspiracy theorists something to sink their teeth into; Google is providing search technology to the nation's intelligence agencies.

EU Investigating Possible U.S. International Trade Violation
[2008-03-11] The European Union is launching an investigation into a possible international trade violation by the United States for discriminatory trade practices against foreign online gambling companies.

Twitter for Politicians
[2008-02-19] Today I got a notice from Twitter that I have another follower of my Twitter account.

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